5 Reasons to Use Concrete Pumping

Concrete pumping is a great way to finish your job, no matter the size.  Here are 5 reasons why Lake Country Concrete Pumping may be the best option for you in Minnesota.


Cement mixers are large, and you can’t always get them close enough to where you need to pour. This is common in construction sites located in a city or residential neighborhood.

Good Help is Hard to Find 

The wheelbarrow is one of the greatest inventions. But it requires a lot of muscle to move wet concrete around. Even if saving money on labor is not your primary goal, it may be challenging to find enough laborers in today’s economy.


Even if you have enough people to push around a bunch of wheelbarrows, it is very difficult to push them over uneven, rocky terrain.  The concrete pumping hose can be moved with ease any where it needs to go.

Little To No Space for Swinging 

Concrete pumping is the best option if your pour site is inside a building, at a higher level than your truck, or below ground.  The trough from a mixer truck can only swing so far.

Running Behind 

If your project is running over, concrete pumping is much faster and can get you back on schedule.  It’s versatility in direction is huge, and the time it can save from having to move things around to fit and set up the mixer truck is a big help in getting back on track.


So if you are in need of our services, let Lake Country Concrete Pumping get you a quote for your job!  We are the best Concrete Pumping in Minnesota.