Concrete Pumping in MN in the Twin Cities, Central Minnesota & Western Wisconsin.

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Ready Mixed Concrete Pumping Services in Minnesota & Wisconsin

Lake Country Concrete Pumping

is driven to provide the highest quality service and product to every concrete project.  Our methods for pumping concrete are designed to make each project go as easily, smoothly, and cost effectively as possible.

Pumping concrete is when the concrete is transported to heights by means of pumping, using concrete pumps. This method is used where large quantity of concrete work is involved at greater height, where other means of transporting is not easy to do.

Pumping concrete is a very efficient and reliable method, making it, in turn, very economical. Pumping concrete can be necessary when a pump is the only way of placing concrete in areas such as: high rise buildings, or large slabs where the chutes of the concrete truck can’t reach. Other times, pumping concrete is most economical due to its ease and speed.


At Lake Country Concrete Pumping, we strive for excellent customer service, always being on time to scheduled meetings, arriving on the job site when promised with an experienced pump operator and well maintained equipment specific to each jobs requirements, so that our jobs are completed smoothly and effortlessly. Our flexible hoses and maneuverable vehicles are able to pump concrete and shot-crete in many locations that are not accessible with concrete trucks and concrete boom pumps. Our fully adjustable line pump offers direct placement of concrete, without re-handling, resulting in faster placement, less labor, higher quality job, and lower costs.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and I’ll be happy to hear the details about your project!

– John Wess Jr, Owner/Operator.

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Why concrete pumping?

So why concrete pumping instead of dumping? Our concrete pumping…

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