What kind of concrete pumps are there?

There are three main categories of pumps used in concrete pumping.

#1.  Truck Mounted Pump

As the name suggests, this pump is mounted on a truck. It is also known as a boom pump because an articulating robotic arm, which is called a boom, is used to place the concrete. Using a remote control, the boom is positioned is the best place for the concrete to be pumped into place. This type of concrete pump is often used on large construction projects. It can pour large volumes of concrete very quickly. The result is a faster, accurate pour. In addition, with this style pump, the robotic arm can be used for other tasks, such as electrical and piping repairs, making this a very versatile machine.


#2.  Trailer, Line, or Stationary Pump 

This is a much smaller pump and is typically used for smaller jobs such as sidewalks and swimming pools.  With this style of pump, steel or rubber hoses are attached to the machine, which is mounted on a trailer. Multiple hoses can be joined together  to extend the reach of the pump. Trailer pumps usually pump at a lower volume. They are also known as line or stationary pumps.  They are very easy to move in and out of smaller places.




#3.  Specialized Usage Pump

Specialized equipment is always more expensive. But some job sites, such as tunnels, require custom-made concrete pumps. One type of specialized usage pump, though rarely used, is rail-mounted.  This pump would seem to be mounted on a train car.  There are also pumps attached to a skid steer or even some that have tracks instead of wheels for maneuverability.