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Why concrete pumping?

So why concrete pumping instead of dumping?

Our concrete pumping systems are designed to be the most cost and time efficient concrete pumping methods available. We promise to deliver top-notch quality products with supreme concrete pumping service customer service.

We are a concrete pumping company that offers residential & commercial concrete pumping services in Minnesota. Lake Country Concrete Pumping strives to be your #1 concrete pumping resource! You’re guaranteed to receive competitive pricing that meets your budget needs, with 100% satisfaction of the services you receive from our licensed team of professionals.

  • Save Time & Labor
    Concrete pumping delivers concrete faster and more accurately than any other method. Less time is spent in site preparation and excavation, a backfill is easier and faster. A three person crew can pump a job in one hour that would usually take five workers two and a half hours to pour.
  • Reduce Property Damage
    Huge ready mix trucks are capable of damaging personal property or overhead lines. Bringing them close to the excavation site can be risky. Their weight can crush driveways, sidewalks, patios, sewer lines, water lines and more. They can damage lawns or other access points requiring extensive landscape repairs post-project. Concrete Pumping eliminates most of the damages, leaving the ready mix truck safe at the curb with the concrete pump.
  • Stay on Schedule
    Concrete pumping places concrete accurately and efficiently regardless of weather or jobsite conditions. Concrete pumping provides more predictable unloading times. Steady flow from the pumps increases finisher productivity. Timing is the most critical part of concrete placement.
  • Increase Volume of Concrete
    It is faster to pump than dump! Concrete pumping also allows for more precise placement.
  • Save Money
    Savings in labor, damage and schedule mishaps all add up to cash savings for you. More efficient and safer workflow at the job site will help you complete projects better and faster and with less man-power.